Milano Design Week

4th-9th april 2017



Wave design


Fabbrica 4.0

Fabbrica 4.0


ContinuumFloor (design Massimo Broglio)

ContinuumFloor is a wooden floor and a wall cladding in monochromatic or multicolor combinations that dress the rooms with wood. The flooring communicates with walls offer a wide range of colours and installation types to architects and designers who can play with it to design doors, niches, closets and further elements. It is made of prefinished planks of many sizes and the wall boards can be equipped with 3D profiles that confer fascinating play of light and shadows.

Wave (design Massimo Broglio)

A sequence of wavy shape planks playing with the colours and alternating the natural effect of matt finish to the choreographic glossy finish. Sophisticated colours, like white, make the floor soft with new nuances and enhance the natural material, the wood. The wave line of the pre-finished boards in European Oak takes inspiration from the unadjusted wooden planks typical of Nordic Countries that used to be laid in the past respecting the natural irregular shape of logs.

Fabbrica 4.0 (design Massimo Broglio)

Fabbrica 4.0 is a new interpretation of the memorable industrial flooring looking to the future, with rectangular tiles laid with the traditional tongue-and- grove system of the pre-finished wood floors that can be combined in many geometric combinations, with natural or vintage finishes in white or black. The technology has made this product much more steady than the one in the past since the plywood makes it suitable for an easy laying. Its design hides a technical soul!


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